Cutter for Corn Tortilla Machines, C1000 and C3000 Model

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                                             CORN TORTILLA MACHINE CUTTERS FOR C9000 MODEL

You can get additional cutters for your C1000 or C3000 Corn Tortilla Machines from 4.5" to 7.5" sizes. Choose the best for you!!!

These machines are made to order and we take 15 business days to ship your machine. Please take this into account when you order.

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Is the best option in Corn tortilla machines for industrial production. We are a company with presence in Mexico and the US. Our machines are quality made in Mexico and exported to our warehouse in the US. That's why we can ship at a very competitive rates within the US and Worldwide.

If you are in the US it will be very easy to buy from us, because we are a US Corporation, you won't need to deal with customs at any moment. You only need to order and will receive your machine at any US address within the continental states.
Important Note:
This machines has not been design to work with corn doug

Build Materials
Max Tortilla Size 7.5 "
Min Tortilla Size 4.5 "

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